Foreign Study

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers three levels of off-campus programs in Spanish and one program in Portuguese.  Applications are usually due February 1st in the Off Campus Programs Office. 

What is the LSA?

Language Study Abroad (LSA) programs in Spanish allow students to complete the language requirement in Barcelona (winter or spring terms) or Buenos Aires (winter term). All LSA programs are for students who place into Spanish 3 or who have taken Spanish 2 on campus.
For 2021-2022 the LSA will only be offered in Barcelona, both in Winter and Spring of 2022. The LSA in Buenos Aires has been temporarily cancelled.

What is the LSA+?

At the intermediate level the Department offers three LSA+ programs, both in Portuguese and Spanish according to the site - São Paulo, Brazil (Winter); Santander, Spain (summer), and Cuzco, Peru (fall terms starting in 2015). Up to two courses may count towards the major. Prerequisites are Intensive Portuguese 3 or Spanish 9.
For 2021-2022 the LSA will only be one LSA+ offered in a new site: Buenos Aires, Argentina, during the Winter Term of 2022.

What is the FSP?

Foreign Study Programs (FSPs) are advanced programs for those who want to delve into Hispanic literatures and cultures in Madrid, Spain (fall terms) and Buenos Aires, Argentina (spring terms). Up to two of the FSP courses may count towards the major. Prerequisite is one course from the Span 30, 31 and 32 sequence.
For 2021-2022 the FSP in Madrid will be offered in Winter 2022. The Argentina FSP will be offered in Spring 2022.

Special Pre-LSA Drill Section

The Department offers a special drill session which is required for those students who have been accepted to one of the Spanish LSA programs and have completed Spanish 2, or who are at the Spanish 2 level, and have not been enrolled in a Spanish language course in more than six months.  Please contact Roberto Rey Agudo, our Language Program Director, for more information.

Applications and Deadlines

Application deadlines are normally February 1st.  For more information on specific programs/additional deadlines please consult the Off Campus Programs Office.

CASA Program in Havana, Cuba

Students interested in studying Spanish abroad may apply to go on our Department-based LSAs, LSA+s and FSPs and/or look into the CASA (Consortium for Advanced Studies Abroad) programs. Currently LALACS sponsors the CASA program in Havana, Cuba.  The Department of Spanish and Portuguese will give credit for up to one course to Spanish Minors, and up to two course for Spanish Majors. See the Off Campus Programs page for more details.