La Casa

What is La Casa?

La Casa is a language community sponsored by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese designed to serve as a center and meeting place for a wide variety of activities related to Hispanic, Latino, Latin American, Spanish, and Luso-Brazilian cultures and languages. 

Throughout the academic year, La Casa hosts a diverse range of events including invited speakers, workshops, video and film series, meals, roundtable discussions, gatherings of student organizations, 'fiestas,' and more. Residents of La Casa actively contribute to programming and organizing events for the house and the broader Dartmouth community.

The primary goal of La Casa is to provide students with a rich cultural, social, and linguistic immersion experience. The official languages spoken within La Casa are Spanish and Portuguese, fostering an environment where residents engage in language and cultural practices.

Located at 42 North College Street in Hanover, NH, La Casa offers housing for up to 10 students and plays a pivotal role in campus cultural life.

La Casa distinguishes itself for social awareness, creating brave/safe spaces, and hosting several clubs and organizations, including CoFIRED, Fossil Free Dartmouth, and FUERZA, which won the Social Justice Award 2024.

Live-in Advisor

María Clara de Greiff has been the live-in faculty and advisor for La Casa since 2018. She is a native Spanish speaker who completed her education in Mexico and is a talented independent journalist, writer, and translator. At Dartmouth, she is a Spanish and Humanities professor and lecturer. In 2020, she helped co-found Fuerza Farmworkers' Fund to help undocumented farmworkers in the upper valley.


La Casa is located at 42 College Street in Hanover, NH, and offers housing for up to 10 students.


Image of La Casa
La Casa is a three-story house with a basement, several rooms, and community spaces at 42 College Street, Hanover, NH.

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