Living Guidelines

Discover the community guidelines and expectations that ensure a cooperative and enriching living experience in La Casa.

About the environment

La Casa provides a perfect environment for the development of extracurricular activities related to the academic fields of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian languages and cultures. It also offers a unique opportunity for students to develop their language skills by total immersion in a Spanish-speaking environment and to interact with students with similar interests.


Students living at La Casa are expected to:

  • Live and work cooperatively, sharing household maintenance and kitchen responsibilities.
  • Speak Spanish or Portuguese within the house, including with the Faculty Advisor and Spanish & Portuguese-speaking guests.
  • Attend and co-plan weekly dinners, participating in setup, cooking, and cleanup.
  • Attend official events, including academic and cultural programs and community development activities.
  • Maintain an attitude of enthusiasm, cooperation, and respect at all times.
  • La Casa is a substance-free community, students must abide by this policy.
  • Follow the same college housing rules as other on-campus residences, unless specified otherwise. Refer to the Student Handbook and Guide for On-campus Living for detailed housing policies and regulations.

To remain eligible to continue living in La Casa, residents must meet the expectations and responsibilities listed above.