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  • Wednesday, March 6, 2019

    Haldeman 041

    Welcoming remarks from Department Chair, Silvia Spitta   

    Introduction to Panel:  Beatriz Pastor

    José Antonio Mazzotti: “Raúl Bueno: el maestro y el ensayista”
    Amy Millay:     "Raúl Bueno: el gran maestro de Dartmouth Hall."
    Pedro Palou:     "Voz y experiencia en la poesía de Raúl Bueno"

    Moderator: Rodolfo Franconi

  • A social bridge between cultures, races and identities; an opportunity for interpersonal exchange; a ritualistic embodiment of artistic forms; a lyrical and sensorial experience; a political stance. That is the Argentine Tango. The course Spanish 43: Tango Argentino: Music, Dance, Poetry, and Community is designed to help students think critically and interdisciplinarity about Argentine tango dance, music and poetry, as well as other intriguing...

  • Kianny Antigua was interviewd by Jill Baron on her prolific writing of poety and childrens literature. 

    Read full interview HERE

  • Join Ignacio Sánchez Prado, Horacio Legrás, Adela Pineda Franco and Sergio Delgado-Moya for a cultural lecture discussing the shift in media post Mexican revolution. 

    Friday, February 15, 2019


    Carpenter 13

    Dinner provided


    Popular Cosmopolitanism. Noirs and Literary Classics in Post-Revolutionary Mexican Cinema with Ignacio...

  • Join the Department of Spanish and Portuguese for a Spanish Workshop series for the Spring term. 

    Thursdays from 4:30pm-6pm at La Casa

    Refreshments provided. 


    April 4th in Rocky 003

    Rossy E. Lima de Padilla and Tonatiuh Rocha
    Migare/Mutare: Undocumented Dream and Bendita Production


    April 18th in Rocky 003

    Worshop: How Do You Color...

  • "Students in the fall sections of Spanish 1, 2, and 3 participated in the project known as “The Sustainability of Language and the Language of Sustainability,” designed and implemented by the senior lecturers in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese."

    See the full article here:

    Dartmouth News: Empanadas and Learning...

  • You're invited to visit our food truck:

    "Stop, Guac y Roll"
    Friday, November 9th
    In front of Dartmouth Hall


    Come and enjoy FREE food from the Hispanic world prepared and served by the Fall 2018 Spanish Language students. 

    You just need to order your food in Spanish (help can be provided)

    Please bring your own plate, bowl and spoon 




    Sponsored by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese...

  • After his historic concert at the Carnegie Hall in New York, the multi award winning singer, film director, screenwriter and novelist Fito Páez presented his film Private Lives (2001) in Spanish 63: Latin American Film. In the class of Professor Silvia Spitta, Fito spoke with students about the relationship between the oedipal plot of his film and the unresolved horror of the last military dictatorship in Argentina.


  • As part of the Experiential Learning project “The Sustainability of Language and the Language of Sustainability” all the language classes (265 students) visited the farm, and engaged in a conversation about sustainability, sustainable growing techniques, or the sustainable use of the food produced, among other topics, with the farm staff, who guided the tour. 

    The visit was conducted mostly in Spanish.

  • On September 8th, Greña ~ Crazy Hair, one of professor Antigua’s latest publications, won first place at the International Latino Book Awards for Most Inspirational Children’s Picture Book – Bilingual! The even took place at the California State University Domínguez Hills and was part of the 20th Annual Celebration of Latinx Literature. 

    The International Latino Book Awards celebrate worldwide achievements in Latino Literature, recognizing greatness & authors in English, Spanish...