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    Batería: A military fort that lies in ruins on the outskirts of Havana has become a clandestine venue for gay cruising. Its walls and rubble serve as a refuge, not only for gay Cuban men but also for a culture of socialisation and resistance.


    Born in Havana, Cuba in 1986, Damián Sainz earned an undergraduate degree in Audiovisual Media from the University of the Arts (ISA) in Cuba (2010) and...

  • Roberto Rey Agudo has been appointed as a DCAL Faculty Fellow through the 2017-18 academic year. As DCAL Faculty Fellow, he will take responsibility for organizing professional development programs and events for faculty. The first event will be a talk by Professor Mary Coffey titled “Teaching with Digital Orozco”.

    The theme for the activities will be digital...

  • A group of specialists examine the close relationship that some key figures of Spanish culture have had with the United States and México, particularly in the field of architecture and the plastic arts. The exploits of Rafael Guastavino (Valencia 1842), Antoni Gaudí (Reus 1852), Joan Miró (Barcelona 1893), and Félix Candela (Madrid 1910) will be explored in this one-day symposium. Their transatlantic involvement will exert significant influence on American cultural texture and on some...

  • Professor Emeritus at the U. of Illinois Chicago, and the U. of Houston, Marc Zimmerman studied one year at Dartmouth, but then left for the west coast, eventually earning his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. Working mainly in Latino community and university programs in California and the Midwest, he eventually founded LACASA Chicago Publications directing its series on Latin American and Latino cultural studies. Among his thirty-plus academic books and editions are his U.S. Latino...

  • In a mixed-genre presentation, Rubén Martínez takes us on a journey through the borderlands, and as far south as Argentina. Everywhere, he finds conflict and wounding in the human and natural realms. But he also finds resistance and aesthetic effervescence.

    A native of Los Angeles and the son and grandson of immigrants from Mexico and El Salvador, Rubén Martínez is a writer, performer and teacher. He holds the...

  • Angie Lee '17 received high honors and presented her thesis, El espacio de deseo. Representaciones cinematográficas de la diásoira asiática en Argentina with the guidance of advisor, Sebastián Díaz- Duhalde.

    Edward Romeyn '17 received high honors and presented his thesis, Figuraciones de la disolución. Cambio socual y afecto en la Buenos Aires de los siglos XX y XXI with the guidance of advisor, Julio Ariza.

    Great job to you both!

  • Mía y el regalo de Guaguau / Mía and the Gift from Guaguau (loqueleo, 2017)

    "En las historias de Kianny, las diferencias se convierten en un atributo único y hacen del mundo un lugar donde todos encajamos, un lugar maravilloso".

    In Kianny’s stories, the differences transform into a unique attribute and make the world a place where we all fit, a wonderful place.

    Virginia Read...

  • Rafael Nuñez, a Junior and Romance Studies major, has been chosen as a recipient of the Stamps Scholarship. The Stamps Scholars Program allows the most promising students an opportunity to design an experiential learning plan to build on or respond to what they've learned in their first and second years at Dartmouth. Stamps Scholars have access to an enrichment fund of up to $10,000 per year, per student to engage in experiential learning opportunities that can be...