Admission Guidelines and Applications

Are you interested in living in La Casa? Do you want to practice your Spanish or Portuguese? Are you interested in Iberian, Hispanic or Lusophone cultures? Returning from an LSA or FSP? Want to get ready to travel abroad? 

General Information

Apply now with the Office of Residential life! Note that applications should be submitted through Banner Student, Housing StarPortal.  Make sure you clearly indicate that La Casa is your first choice, and answer the corresponding questions. For summer, please send us an email indicating your interest.

Students interested in living in La Casa must fill out the online application form and submit it by the appropriate deadline. Each term the deadline for the La Casa application will be one week (7 days) prior to the deadline for affinity house rosters to be turned in at the Housing Office. Check the important deadlines from the Office of Residential Life.

Students interested in living in La Casa must also read carefully over La Casa's Responsibilities and Application Prompts. Approval of an application to live in La Casa means admission to the house, without specification of room or type of room. Costs of rooms are comparable to those of similar ones in other dormitories, and they are determined by the Office of Residential Life. La Casa can house a total of 10 students and one faculty advisor-in-residence.


  • Speak Spanish or Portuguese in the house.
  • Attend weekly dinners.
  • Co-plan two dinners per term.
  • Attend 3-4 official events each term.
  • Co-plan one event each term.
  • Be enthusiastic, cooperative, and respectful!

Application Criteria

In selecting students to live at La Casa from the pool of applicants, the Advisory Council will consider the following:

  • Fluency in Spanish (minimum Spanish 3 or an equal level of fluency). An oral interview may be required during the application process.
  • Academic interest in Spanish (it is not necessary that you be a major or a minor in Spanish to be considered, but majors/minors receive preference in the application process).
  • Class (ORL policy does not permit first year students to live in La Casa, if the qualifications of two candidates are judged to be equal, seniors are given preference).
  • Date of application (if the qualifications of two candidates are judged to be equal, preference will be given to the earlier applicant).
  • Standing in La Casa (residents in good standing are given preference in the selection process).
  • Ability to participate in our weekly community dinners and La Casa events.

If you still have questions, please consult our FAQ.

Application Prompts

  •  Briefly explain why you are interested in living in La Casa.
  • Describe your background in Spanish and/or Portuguese language(s), and your experience (if any) with Hispanic and/or Luso-Brazilian cultures.
  • How do you think you would contribute to the academic, cultural, and social learning environment in La Casa, based on your experience and interests.
  • Submit your answers through Banner Student, Housing StarPortal or send an email to