Off Campus Programs in Spanish

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers many off campus programs in Spain and Latin America each year.

Spanish Language Study Abroad Plus (LSA+) in Barcelona and Buenos Aires

The Department will offers a Spanish LSA+ program in Barcelona, Spain and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Students must complete SPAN 9 or 15; be exempt from SPAN 9 based on test scores; or receive the program director's permission in order to apply. 

For more information please contact specific directors for each program or The Off Campus Program Committee.

LSA+ Buenos Aires Winter 2024: Martina Broner.
LSA+ Barcelona section 1 Winter 2025: Beatriz Pastor
LSA+ Barcelona section 2 Winter 2025: Isabel Lozano Renieblas
LSA+ Bunoes Aires Winter 2025: Sebastían Díaz


Spanish Language Study Abroad Plus (LSA) in Santander, Spain

The LSA program in Santander, Spain is led by a faculty member of the Spanish and Portuguese Department. Students live with Spanish-speaking families for the entire term. The program offers SPAN 3 (Advanced language instruction), SPAN 5 (Introduction to History and Culture), and SPAN 6 (Introduction to Hispanic Literatures).

*Students who successfully complete an LSA program may skip Spanish 9 and go directly to Spanish 20.

For more information please contact specific directors for each program or The Off Campus Program Committee.

Director: LSA Santander Summer 2024: Antonio Gómez

Spanish Foreign Study Programs (FSP) in Madrid and Buenos Aires

Students participating in the foreign study program live with families and take three courses: Contemporary Issues, Cultural Heritage, and Contemporary Literature. In Contemporary Issues, students read about, discuss and debate current issues and problems affecting the country of residence. The Cultural Heritage course focuses on historical development in Spain and Latin America through art, architecture, music, and popular culture. In the Contemporary Literature course, students read modern poetry, drama and fiction written by major Latin American and Spanish authors. The courses are taught by local faculty and by the accompanying Dartmouth faculty member.

For Madrid, the program offers SPAN 24 (Spanish Cultural Heritage), SPAN 34 (Society, Culture and Politics in Spain), and SPAN 36 (Studies in Modern and Contemporary Spanish Literature).

For Buenos Aires, the program offers SPAN 23 (Argentine Cultural Heritage), SPAN 33 (Argentine Civilization: Society, Culture, and Politics in Argentina), and SPAN 35 (Studies in Spanish-American Literature and Culture).

For more information, please contact specific directors for each program or The Off Campus Program Committee.

FSP Buenos Aires Spring 2024: Jorge Quintana Navarrete
FSP Madrid Fall 2024: Isabel Lozano

FSP Buenos Aires Spring 2025: Martina Broner

CASA Program in Havana, Cuba

Students interested in studying Spanish abroad may apply to go on our Department-based LSAs, LSA+s and FSPs and/or look into the CASA (Consortium for Advanced Studies Abroad) programs.

Currently LALACS sponsors the CASA program in Havana, Cuba.


The main requirement to go on this program upon acceptance is fluency in Spanish. Non-native speakers must have completed Spanish 20 or the equivalent. Heritage speakers of Spanish who are unsure of their competence in the language should contact the Minor/Major advisor.

All Spanish minors can request up to 1 (one) credit towards the minor for a course taken only in Casa de las Américas through CASA.

All Spanish majors can request up to 2 (two) credits towards the major for two courses taken in Casa de las Américas in Havana through CASA. (Note the department will only honor courses taken in Casa de las Américas, not Universidad de la Habana).

Please refer to this website to see the list of courses in Casa de las Américas that will guarantee credit in Spanish.

Please check the Hispanic Studies tab to learn more about how to request your Minor or Major credit.