Off Campus Programs in Spanish

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers many off campus programs in Spain and Latin America each year.

Spanish Language Study Abroad (LSA) in Barcelona and Buenos Aires

The Department offers two LSA programs, one in Barcelona, Spain (Winter and Spring) and one in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Winter). Each program is led by a faculty member of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. Students live with Spanish-speaking families for the entire term. The program offers several courses while abroad; SPAN 3 (Advanced language instruction), SPAN 5 (Introduction to History and Culture), and SPAN 6 (Introduction to Hispanic Literatures).

Spanish Language Study Abroad Plus (LSA+) in Santander, Spain

We began offering the LSA+ summer program in Santander in 2014. The program is led by a faculty member of the Spanish and Portuguese Department. Students live with Spanish-speaking families for the entire term. The program offers SPAN 20 (Writing and Reading: A Critical and Cultural Approach), SPAN 22 (Modern and Contemporary Spanish Artistic and Cultural Production) and SPAN 32 (Introduction to Hispanic Studies III: 20th - 21st Centuries). Occasionally, the program may offer SPAN 30 or 31.

Spanish Language Study Abroad Plus (LSA+) in Cuzco, Peru

The Language Study Abroad Plus (LSA+) Program in Cuzco, Peru, has begun in Fall 2015. Students enroll in three 9-week courses including, SPAN 20 "Writing and Reading: A Cultural Approach", SPAN 21 "Traditional and Contemporary Andean Cosmogonies and Cultural Production: A Historical Approach", and SPAN 32 "Introduction to Hispanic Studies: 20th and 21st Centuries". Planned excursions are to Lake Titicaca, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and Machu Picchu. The program ends with a one-week workshop with theater collective Yuyachkani in Lima. Students live in family houses while in Cuzco.

Spanish Foreign Study Programs (FSP) in Madrid and Buenos Aires

Students participating in the foreign study program live with families and take three courses: Contemporary Issues, Cultural Heritage, and Contemporary Literature. In Contemporary Issues, students read about, discuss and debate current issues and problems affecting the country of residence. The Cultural Heritage course focuses on historical development in Spain and Latin America through art, architecture, music, and popular culture. In the Contemporary Literature course, students read modern poetry, drama and fiction written by major Latin American and Spanish authors. The courses are taught by local faculty and by the accompanying Dartmouth faculty member.

For Madrid, the program offers SPAN 24 (Spanish Cultural Heritage), SPAN 34 (Society, Culture and Politics in Spain), and SPAN 36 (Studies in Modern and Contemporary Spanish Literature).

For Buenos Aires, the program offers SPAN 23 (Argentine Cultural Heritage), SPAN 33 (Argentine Civilization: Society, Culture, and Politics in Argentina), and SPAN 35 (Studies in Spanish-American Literature and Culture).