Hispanic Studies

Learning Outcomes

Hispanic Studies Majors demonstrate advanced reading, written, and oral competence in Spanish. Students recognize major figures and debates in the Hispanic World cultural production. Students compare and analyze the linguistic and stylistic forms of Peninsular, Latin American, and US Latinx literary texts, films, visual art, and other modes of creative and critical discourse. Students conduct research in literary, historical, and critical topics related to the Spanish-speaking world using primary and secondary sources.

Exploring the work of Spring 2021 : La Mirada Boricua/The Boricua Gaze 

The students of Spanish 80.21: The Boricua Gaze: Decolonialism in Puerto Rican Visual Cultures collaborated with four contemporary Puerto Rican artists who visited their class throughout the term and shared with them their insights on Puerto Rican art and cultural identity.



To view the virtual exhibition that was developed at the end of the term, please click here.