Sara Muñoz

Meet Dartmouth’s New Faculty: Sara Muñoz

Twenty-three scholars—from a variety of disciplines that include biology, Native American studies, and sociology—have joined the ranks of Dartmouth’s Arts & Sciences faculty this academic year. In this weeklong series, Dartmouth Now takes a closer look at some of these scholars, their research, and what brought them to Dartmouth

Sara Muñoz comes to Dartmouth from Princeton University, where she earned her PhD. Muñoz, an assistant professor of Spanish, talks about why she chose to be a teacher, the relationship between research and teaching, and what she likes about Dartmouth.

Starting Out: “Teaching a group of students—either to communicate in Spanish, to listen and enjoy a song in Spanish, or to add light to a text in order to make it more comprehensible—is what I do and enjoy best, so I decided to become a teacher.