Raúl Bueno

Ensayo General: Poesia Reunida 1964-2014

Ensayo general. Poesía reunida 1964-2014, the collected poems of Raúl Bueno, has been recently published by Hipocampo Editores (Lima, 2015) under the auspices of the Office of the Dean of the Faculty at Dartmouth College. It includes five books already published (amongst them Misivas de la Nueva Albión –Letters from New England, 2014) and three previously unpublished collections. It also includes a Prologue by Prof. Beatriz Pastor (“Raúl Bueno… captures with exact lyricism the seasons’ rhythms, the early spring thaw, the shadow of the forests, the meadow’s murmur…”), an afterword by poet Roger Santiváñez (“exile is the subject that commands these poems”), and notes by Rocío Ferreira (“the rootlessness of the migrant subject”) and Antonio Gómez (“profoundly lyrical”). The late NY poet Eva Oppenheim praised the “wonderful imagery and detail” of the 2014 book. The volume is going to be presented and discussed in Havana, Cuba, on July 9, 2015.

Event to Honor Professor Raúl Bueno Chávez

Last week a Latin American Studies Association Conference was held to honor the lifetime achievements of Prof. Raúl Bueno Chávez as a scholar of Latin American literature and literary theory, as well as his intellectual legacy as director of the Revista de Crítica Literaria Latinoamericana.

The essay collection edited by José Antonio Mazzotti, Argos Arequipensis: Libro de homenage a Raúl Bueno Chávez, was also presented in honor of Professor Bueno. 


Celebrating Faculty Achievements: Professor and Poet Raúl Bueno

Professor Raúl Bueno (Arequipa, Peru, 1944), current Chair of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, honored in La Casa de la Literatura Peruana (Lima) for his long-standing career as university professor and poet.

Prof. Bueno’s first book of poetry, Viaje de Argos y otros poemas (Arequipa: Acosta, with a prologue of Antonio Cornejo Polar) was released in 1964. Soon after, he taught his first university course on Contemporary Latin-American Literature at the Universidad Santa María in his hometown, to later teach at Dartmouth College and Universidad de San Marcos.