Israel Reyes

Academic Appointments
  • Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

  • Director of Fellowships, Office of the Provost

Israel Reyes is an Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese at Dartmouth College, the former Chair of the Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies Program, and holds an Adjunct Appointment with the Comparative Literature Program. He also serves as the Director of Fellowships in the Office of the Provost and organizes mentoring and professional development for a cohort of pre- and postdoctoral fellows. Professor Reyes teaches and conducts research on Latin American, Puerto Rican, and US Latinx literature and culture. He received his BA in Creative Writing and English from the University of Illinois-Chicago and his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Iowa. His publications include his 2005 book, Humor and the Eccentric Text in Puerto Rican Literature, published by University Press of Florida, and scholarly articles on Judith Ortiz Cofer, Lalo Alcaraz, Nemesio Canales, Cristina García, Ana Lydia Vega, and Manuel Ramos Otero. He is currently finishing a book manuscript titled Embodied Economies: Diaspora and Transcultural Capital in Hispanic Caribbean Fiction and Theater, which examines upward mobility and the material and bodily practices that emerge as part of the diasporic experience.


37 Dewey Fld Rd, Room 445
HB 6072


  • B.A. University of Illinois at Chicago
  • M.A. University of Iowa
  • Ph.D. University of Iowa

Selected Publications

  • Book: Humor and the Eccentric Text in Puerto Rican Literature.  Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2005.

  • "Memory and Culinary Nostalgia in Cuban American Performance and Memoir." Des/memorias: Culturas y prácticas mnemónicas en América Latina y el Caribe. Eds. Adriana López-Labourdette, Silvia Spitta, and Valeria Wagner. Barcelona: Linkgua (2016): 193-212.

  • "Politics of Humor." Encyclopedia of Latinas and Latinos in Contemporary Politics, Law, and Social Movements. Eds. Deena J. González and Susanne Oboler. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (2015)

  • "Barrio, Body, Beat: Tato Laviera and the Holistic Rhythm of Mestizaje." The AmeRican Poet: Essays on the Work of Tato Laviera.  Eds. Stephanie Alvarez and William Luis. New York: Center for Puerto Rican Studies, 2014. 184-96.

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Works In Progress

  • Book manuscript: Embodied Economies: Diaspora and Transcultural Capital in Hispanic Caribbean Fiction and Theater

  • Article manuscript: "Crisis, Colonialism, and Cultural Labor in Puerto Rican Fiction and Film"

  • Article manuscript: "Gamaliel Ramírez: A Puerto Rican Artist Lost in a Sea of Flags"