AT/Drill Instructor Tryout Dates

The Department encourages students to participate in the Apprentice Teacher Workshops in order to learn the drill method and try out to be a Drill Instructor.

Session Information

Students who have never drilled before must attend the Orientation and all practice sessions; students who HAVE drilled before must attend the first workshop as listed below in order to establish their schedule.

We will figure out the case-by-case attendance schedule the first day of the workshops.

Fall 2018 Schedule

Wednesday, September 12

6-7pm Orientation

(Dartmouth Hall 105)

Anyone who has never worked as a Drill Instructor must attend.


Wednesday, September 12

7-9pm AT Workshop Day 1

(Dartmouth Hall 102)


Thursday, September 13

6-8pm AT Workshop Day 2

(Dartmouth Hall 102)


Friday, September 14

6-8pm AT Workshop Day 3

(Dartmouth Hall 102)


Monday, September 17

3:30pm AT Selection (JURY)

(Dartmouth Hall 102)


Thursday, September 20

4:30 pm General AT Meeting

(Dartmouth Hall 217)