Chair, Silvia Spitta Interviews Lucrecia Martel

"LucreciaMartel’s Zama (2017), set on the outer colonial frontiers of the Spanish Empire during the last decade of the eighteenth century, pushes traditional notions of a colonial adventure tale to its parodic limits. Based on Argentine writer Antonio Di Benedetto’s 1956 novel of the same title, the film follows the plight of Don Diego de Zama (Daniel Giménez Cacho), a Creole (defined as a Spaniard born in the Americas and, therefore, considered a second-class citizen) magistrate in the service of the Spanish crown. Resentful of his demotion to the provinces, he yearns for a transfer to the city of Lerma, where his wife and family live, and where he hopes to escape the deadening routine of his assignment."

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