Capoeira Workshop at Top of the Hop

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art developed by enslaved Africans and their descendants in colonial era Brazil.  It blends elements of martial art, dance, music, song, history and culture. 

Eric "E" Johnson (Instrutor Frade) began training capoeira in his native Chicago with Mestra Marisa in 1996.  He earned his blue Instrutor cord in 2016.  He taught classes in Chicago at Old Town School of Folk for 10 years before moving to Vermont with his family in 2014.  He began teaching capoeira classes in the Upper Valley as an extension of Mestre Marisa's group Gingarte Capoeira Chicago. 

Heather Pogue, (Dourada), began training capoeira with Mestra Marisa in Chicago in 2002.  She earned her yellow cord in 2007.  She had twin daughters, Maya and Amara, with her husband, Eric Johnson in 2008.  After taking some years off to raise their children and teach elementary school, Dourada began training capoeira again in 2014 and earned her blue/yellow cord in 2016.   She helped to establish GCVT in 2015 and takes care of management and advertising. 

Wear clothing you are able to move in comfortably.


Thursday, November 2


Top of the Hop


Please RSVP with Sharonna Henderson 603.646.2140/ [email protected]