Antonio Gómez Receives New Directions in Humanities Scholarship

Gramsci has become (once more) one of the most influential thinkers in the Humanities. His work helps us understand how new social hegemonic situations take shape, and how meaningful changes are fostered and consolidated through cultural and intellectual intervention. Antonio Gómez is working on a comparatist book on Gramsci and his reception in Spain in the late 1970s and during the last decade (2008-2018). For this project, he has been awarded a New Directions in the Humanities Scholarship. This is a transnational, multilingual and interdisciplinary research project. It will also be the first comprehensive study of Gramsci’s impact on modern Iberian culture. This book will also contribute to a vibrant broader conversation on Gramsci that many voices in the Humanities and Social Sciences relaunched following 2008. What these voices share and what this project shares with them is the attempt to “revamp” and mobilize Gramsci’s thought in a time of intense crisis (within and outside the university), when scholars try to re-conceptualize their work and role in a rapidly shifting and bewildering historical situation.