Gender Keynote in the Basque Country

Annabel Martin spoke on how a focus on gender facilitates political and social transformation at the Basque  Institute for Women (Emakunde)

On Feb 28, 2024, Annabel Martín, gave a keynote address at the Basque Institute for Women (Emakunde) in Vitoria-Gasteiz (the capital city of the Basque Country, where the regional Basque Parliament resides).  The Institute had just approved their 2030 Agenda for Gender Equality in the Basque Country and the talk was given in the context of the announcement of the document for the press and on social media.  Emakunde sits under the Presidency of the Basque Government, hence the President of the Basque Country, Iñigo Urkullu (image), was in attendance and addressed several key gender-specific programs, as did the Secretary for Equality, Justice, and Human Rights, Nerea Melgosa. The director of Emakunde, Miren Elgarresta highlighted the key areas of what an intersectional approach to gender would improve under different areas of government.  The event was also conceived as a small tribute to the President for his commitment to gender equality during his presidency given how he will be leaving his post in June after 12 years (3 terms) leading the Basque Country.  This was an event that numerous government officials and dignitaries attended (president of the Basque Country, president of the Basque Parliament, their ombudsperson, senators, cabinet members, subsecretaries) and was widely covered in the press and on television.  Annabel spoke on how a focus on gender facilitates political and social transformation and her address sparked an enthusiastic conversation.