Thu, January 18 — Thu, February 22, 2024

Free. Visitors can use this map to find the different banners.

"Illustrating Spain in the US" takes on a new shape, transcending the comic pages into an exhibition now viewable at Dartmouth College.
Illustrating Spain in the US is a project that highlights the presence and legacy of Spain in the U.S. territory, from its help during the independence war to the heritage still existent. The project started as a series of comics created by Spanish artists in collaboration with history experts, now reshaping into a physical exhibition available at Dartmouth College.

"Illustrating Spain in the US is a creative dialogue that combines the graphic expressiveness of comics and their authors, with the inquisitive perspective of scholars who have written a series of complementary articles. Comic authors have built comic strips that feed on academic knowledge and demonstrate that Spain has been part of the American reality since long before the very foundation of the American country. This Spanish energy continues to be present in the imagination, talent and creativity that emanates from everything Spanish and so fascinates Americans. This energy is also found in the scientific thinking of the Spaniards who made the United States their second home while they made —and still continue to make— surprising advances.

—Ana Merino, curator of Illustrating Spain in the US



Free. Visitors can use this map to find the different banners.

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