Day of the Death Offering

The Hispanic Heritage Month activities to celebrate Día de Muertos. 

Baker-Berry Library

October 28 - November 2

This 2023, during The Hispanic Heritage Month, in the framework of the Day of the Dead, OPAL, La Casa, Baker Library, The Tucker Center, The Leslie Center for the Humanities and The Ethics Institute at Dartmouth are the sponsors of a series of activities to celebrate Día de Muertos.

On October 27th we will set a traditional offering in Baker-Berry Library in remembrance of the victims of war.

On Wednesday November 1st, we are planning a vigil at 7:00 pm from the entrance of Baker Library to Baker Berry Corridor with led-light candles, as a symbolic way to call for peace among nations in war, but also to bring light to our own internal battles. Our idea is for the college community to meet outside the Library where we will also serve champurrado, a typical Mexican corn and cocoa based drink and dairy free hot chocolate.  There will also be post cards for the community to write messages to their muertos.

On Thursday, November 2nd in Collis 303 the interfaith program will have a dinner in which we will discuss the different ways in which death is celebrated in various nations of the world, paying special attention, and inviting our community to reflect and pay tribute to the victims of war.