Spanish Language Study Abroad Plus (LSA+) in Buenos Aires

The Department will offer one LSA+ in Buenos Aires each year. Applications for the LSA+ in BA Winter, 2024 are due Feb 1, 2023.

LSA+ in Buenos Aires

The Department offers an LSA+ program in Buenos Aires, Argentina each year. As all of our programs this one is led by a faculty member of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. Students live with Spanish-speaking families for the entire term.                              

In the Language Study Abroad Plus (LSA+) Program in Buenos Aires students enroll in three 9-week courses including, SPAN 20 "Writing and Reading: A Cultural Approach", SPAN 21 " Argentine Identities: a Cultural and Historical Approach"; and SPAN 32 "Introduction to Hispanic Studies: 20th and 21st Centuries".



Extracurricular activities include guided city tours; guided visits to Opera houses, Art Galleries and Museums; Dance classes and visit to tango milongas, concerts and plays, and many more. Weekend excursions may include trips to an estancia outside Buenos Aires, and to Jujuy, Iguazú Falls, or Mendoza and the wine country.                                           

Director: LSA+ Buenos Aires Fall 2022: Martina Broner.


To apply for this LSA+ program, students must complete SPAN 9 or 15; be exempt from SPAN 9 based on test scores; or receive the program director's permission.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is one of the most vibrant, intellectual, and artistic capitals of the Americas. A major cosmopolitan city, Buenos Aires boasts over 50 theaters, a wealth of architectural monuments, numerous active cultural centers, and a lively art world. The program aims to expose students to Argentine literature, history, and society through classroom work as well as excursions, site visits, and personal contact with families. The Argentina program provides the student the opportunity to study Spanish language, Latin American literature and civilization.   



Classes are taught at the UTDT (Universidad Tocuato Di Tella) by local faculty as well as by the Dartmouth faculty member. A private university, the Universidad Tocuato Di Tella is a modern institution built on an American model. Its extensive facilities (library, study area, coffee shops, parks, and sports facilities) offer an excellent environment for exchange between Dartmouth students and their Argentine counterparts. 
The program typically includes two major excursions (a weekend trip to Iguazú Falls National Park and another one to Mendoza City and the wine country). A week-long break also offers ideal opportunity to travel within Argentina. Excursions may vary.