Modified Major

Modified Major in Hispanic Studies (Spanish). For specifics on each of the requirements consult the ORC/Smartcatalog.

About the Modified Major

The modified major in Hispanic Studies consists of 10 (ten) courses, at least six of which must be in Spanish and the remaining four from appropriate major-level courses offered by other departments.


Prerequisite: SPAN 9

The six Spanish courses must be distributed as follows:

  1. SPAN 20
  2. Survey Courses and Foreign Study Programs: SPAN 30 - 36
  3. Topics Courses: SPAN 40 - 77
  4. Culminating Experience: Senior Seminar (SPAN 80)
  5. Independent Study: SPAN 83

Students pursuing a Modified Major in Spanish must take the Senior Seminar (SPAN 80) as one of their six upper-level courses. This course also fulfills the Culminating Experience required of all seniors.

*SPAN 83 is optional. It is listed to allow a student to apply to do Independent Study work and have it count towards their Major or Modified Major.