Minor in Hispanic Studies (Spanish). For specifics on each of the requirements consult the ORC/Smartcatalog.


Prerequisite: SPAN 9

All Minor cards must be signed by the Major Advisor of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

The Minor in Hispanic Studies consists of at least 5 (five) additional courses, which must be distributed as follows:

  1. SPAN 20 - required for the Minor
  2. Survey Courses and Foreign Study Programs: SPAN 30 - 36
  3. Topics Courses: SPAN 40 - 77
  4. Culminating Experience: Senior Seminar (SPAN 80) (recommended)
  5. Independent Study: SPAN 83

Students must take four courses numbered 30 and higher to complete the Minor.

*SPAN 83 is optional and is listed to allow a student to apply to do Independent Study work and have it count towards their Minor.

*Students are not required to take SPAN 80 to complete the Minor, however, they are encouraged to take Senior Seminar as part of their Minor course of study.