Major in Hispanic Studies (Spanish). For specifics on each of the requirements consult the ORC/Smartcatalog.

About the Major

The major program in Hispanic Studies consists of at least 9 (nine) courses numbered 20 or higher. All courses for this Major are taught in Spanish. In special cases, students may substitute one upper level course offered in English in a related field toward this requirement. Approval for this option will be granted on a case-by-case basis, and only for a course taken after a student has completed SPAN 20. Students must submit a written petition to the Chair during the term preceding the English language course and it must be approved by the Department. This option is not available for Majors in Romance Studies or Modified Majors.


Prerequisite: SPAN 9

Courses must be distributed as follows:

  1. Spanish 20
  2. Survey Courses and Foreign Study Programs: SPAN 30 - 36
  3. Topics Courses: SPAN 40 - 77
  4. Culminating Experience: Senior Seminar (SPAN 80)
  5. Independent Study: SPAN 83

*SPAN 83 is optional and is listed to allow a student to apply to do Independent Study work and have it count towards their Major.

*In special cases, the Culminating Experience may be fulfilled by a different upper-level course. In that case, students will be required to complete additional work as established by the course professor. A petition to the Major Advisor and Chair must be made by the last week of the term prior to registering for this alternate course.

*Upon formal request, juniors may be allowed to take the Senior Seminar when petitioned for approval to the faculty member teaching the course and to the Major Advisor.