Minor in Hispanic and Lusophone Studies. For specifics on each of the requirements consult the ORC/Smartcatalog.

About the Minor

Students wishing to pursue a minor in Hispanic and Lusophone Studies must take courses in Spanish and Portuguese, one serving as their primary language, the other as their secondary. This minor option will consist of a minimum of 10 (ten) courses beyond the prerequisites listed above for the Major in Hispanic Studies or Minor in Lusophone Studies. Six of these courses will be selected among the course offerings of the primary language and four from the secondary. Students will work closely with the Major Advisor in coordinating their course of study.



PREREQUISITE: PORT 9 AND SPAN 9 OR SPAN 15 (or equivalent) 

The Minor in Hispanic and Lusophone Studies consists of at least five additional courses, which must be distributed as follows:

1. PORT 20 and SPAN 20 - required for the Minor

2. Upper level courses: two in Portuguese and one in Spanish or two in Spanish and one in Portuguese

These courses can be taken in any combination, either on campus or abroad.

Portuguese courses on campus: PORT 35.01, 60-63, 83

Spanish courses on campus: SPAN 30-32, 40-77

Portuguese courses abroad: PORT 10, 12 (LSA+São Paulo), PORT 35, 36 (FSP São Paulo)

Spanish courses abroad: SPAN 20, 32 (LSA+ Cuzco), SPAN 20, 32 (LSA+ Santander), SPAN 33, 35 (FSP Buenos Aires), SPAN 34, 36 (FSP Madrid)