Celebrating Faculty Achievements: Professor and Poet Raúl Bueno

Professor Raúl Bueno (Arequipa, Peru, 1944), current Chair of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, honored in La Casa de la Literatura Peruana (Lima) for his long-standing career as university professor and poet.

Prof. Bueno’s first book of poetry, Viaje de Argos y otros poemas (Arequipa: Acosta, with a prologue of Antonio Cornejo Polar) was released in 1964. Soon after, he taught his first university course on Contemporary Latin-American Literature at the Universidad Santa María in his hometown, to later teach at Dartmouth College and Universidad de San Marcos.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of his first professorship and his publication, former students and colleagues from San Marcos University have organized the book Argos Arequipensis (Boston: Latinoamericana Editores-RCLL-CELAP, 2014) to celebrate Bueno’s lifetime achievements. This Festschrift, coordinated by José Antonio Mazzoti (Tufts University), gathers a selection of essays, testimonies, critical works and other texts penned by Bueno, and will be presented in La Casa de la Literatura Peruana in Lima on October 20th, 2014. Having just turned 70, Prof. Bueno continues to be a prolific writer of critical and literary works. His latest poetry book, Misivas de la Nueva Albión (Arequipa: Casahuesos Editores, 2014) will be presented officially in Perú in this event. Dartmouth’s living-learning community affiliated with the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, LA CASA, organized a presentation for this book for our local community in September. 

Congratulations, Raúl!